Care Ministries

  • WE CARE Team   

    Members are paired with other members who are homebound or unable to be in church very often.  If you are a We Care Buddy, you can provide the person you’re assigned to with cards, phone calls, visits, and any other ways to show them that their church still cares for them.

  • Vespers Refreshment Team 

    Manor Park is in charge of the Sunday afternoon Vespers service at Manor Park on every 5th Sunday.  This team provides light refreshments after the service.

  • Home Communion Team   

    Take communion to a member who is unable to be in worship on Sunday morning.   

  • Funeral Meal/Reception Team 

    You can choose whether you provide food, help serve a meal, or help with a reception for families after funeral and memorial services.   

  • Manor Park Spring Luncheon Team   

    Be a host/hostess at a luncheon for our members who are residents of Manor Park.  You may be asked to bring a small decoration for a table, but your main job will be to greet guests and make them feel loved by their church.

  • Christmas Delivery Team   

    Prepare Christmas goodie bags for our members who can’t be in church.