adult sunday school

9:45 - 10:40 AM

  • Agape, Room 205, 50-60

    This class encourages group participation using study guides related to biblical and/or topical themes. For questions, contact Debbie Horn.

  • Befrienders, room 207, 60+

    Group discussions follow leader presentations. The Befrienders provide leadership in many of our outreach ministries. For questions, contact Joe Roome.

  • builders, room 210a, 70+

    Each Sunday begins with delicious, homemade goodies. This class uses a lecture style format and enjoys thinking deeply about matters of faith and life. For questions, contact Roy Kizer.

  • genesis, room 208, 35-55

    Lively conversation is a hallmark of this diverse group. Most participants are married with school aged children. For questions, contact Robin Hall.

  • Keystone, Room 204, 75+

    Each Sunday begins with singing from the Cokesbury hymnal. A variety of members provide excellent studies in a lecture-style presentation. For questions, contact Ada Narem.

  • LIFE, Room 210b, 20-35

    This group includes recent college graduates, singles, newly marrieds, and families with children. If you are new to St. Luke's this is a great group for fellowship and study. For questions, contact Kelley Wohlfahrt.

  • New Beginnings, Room 206, 55+

    This adult class offers excellent studies with class discussion. They meet the first Monday of the month at Michael's Charcoal Grill to share a meal and catch up with one another. For questions, contact Bruce Howard.

  • Parables, Thompson annex, 55-70

    Meeting in the Thompson House around round tables encourages conversation. Leaders guide discussion from selected studies. Each year they host church-wide seasonal breakfasts that helps to raise money for mission projects. For questions, contact Gary King.

  • Quest, Room 110, 35+

    This group enjoys reading and discussing books that challenge the mind and heart. Quest welcomes a diverse range of ages of singles and couples. For questions, contact Vivian Moss

  • Seekers, Room 202, 40-50

    Seeking friendship and knowledge through faith, fellowship is at the core of this group. Most participants are parents of young children. For questions, contact Michelle Tedder.

  • Ya-Way, Room 209, 25-40

    This young adult class is a vibrant group that relishes in-depth discussion. The group fosters engagement with faith and life. Young marrieds with and without children form this opportunity for Christian friendship. For questions, contact Lindsey Ridgeway.